VINTAGE: 2018.

ORIGIN: Valros, Hérault, Vin de France.

GRAPES: Alicante Bouschet

SOILS: Villafranchian pebbles.

WINEMAKING: Grapes are destemmed before a 3-week maceration, with temperature control and regular pump overs to enhance the aromatic expression. Bottling takes place late winter to preserve freshness.

TASTING AND SERVING: The best way to savor our wines: invite friends over, open a bottle and enjoy the moment 🙂
This wine is bright and fresh with notes of red fruit and black pepper.

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Born in the Languedoc in 1855, Alicante Bouschet made many local winemakers’ fortunes. It was used to color local and foreign bad wines…rendering it undesirable.
Yet, trained in traditional gobelet on the right terroir, it gives lovely fruit aromas with a hint of smoke.