Winemaker from the South of France
Olivier Coste is a young and talented winemaker from the South of France. His family has made wine in the Languedoc since 1701. Since childhood, his favorite places to play have been the vineyards, garrigue (southern French countryside) and the family wine cellar.

With this upbringing, Olivier developed a profound attachment to the Languedoc’s terroir and landscape, and later to its wines.

Olivier and his team are committed to respecting the environment so that future generations can enjoy nature’s heritage.

Olivier COSTE

Our Wines

Our wines are not submitted to ratings competitions. They are made for those who enjoy wine…for pleasure, not for enologists. Points and medals have no taste !
Rather, the best way to appreciate our wines is to invite friends over, open a bottle and enjoy the moment.

Each grape varietal has its own personality, but our style of wines is more fruit-forward, fresh, expressive and just lightly oaked for the red.

If you would like to know more, click on a wine to see it’s technical sheet, but as the name suggests, it’s not that funny.

Made with love

We do all that we can in order to ensure a better future for our planet.
To make this a reality, we’ve worked on several key areas:

o Renewable energy: 100% of our energy needs come from solar panels.

o Sustainable and organic farming: we use mechanical tools rather than chemical herbicides to weed; we use pheromones rather than pesticides to prevent worms from mating and laying eggs on our grapes; we use the grape pomace as fertilizer to lighten and nourish the ground; ….

o Biodiversity preservation: we continuously plant trees (more than 2000 at present) and preserve and maintain the wilderness.

o Recycling: we recycle all that we can and our products are made from recyclable materials

o Water preservation: we signed a charter to improve water quality in surrounding rivers and streams, and we reuse waste water.


Want to know more? In the area? Contact us

Olivier Coste
SARL Coste et fils
7 Avenue Pierre Verdier
34500 Béziers – FRANCE

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